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It took at least 20 minutes and a lot of confusion for me to find this place. I walked around the entire block of Westin Grand Hotel and asked a few people before being directed to this rubbish dump/loading dock. It certainly looked like somewhere people can get attacked rather than the location of an expensive vegetarian restaurant, but I go to great lengths to get good food, especially in a foreign country. So eventually I found this place. The stairway leading to the restaurant was dark and well, secretive, to say the least. And I was finally there. 

cookies cream

The interior of Cookies Cream reminded me of a friend’s home, or a private party. The walls were roughly painted white, some were possibly left in the original state before this place was transformed into one of the city’s finest hidden gems for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. The kitchen was open and you could see what they were cooking up.


I ordered baked egg yolk with fava as my starter. It was delicately presented with fava mousse, pea sauce, and a baked egg yolk lightly fried topped with sprouts and a bread chip. Also served was brown bread with this delicious pesto paste. The different textures of the food worked well to compliment each other. The sauce mixed with the spiced fava mousse was a marvel, with the egg yolk having a liquid centre but crunchy on the outside. The sprouts definitely added a fresh taste to the dish. Quite impressed so far.


Then comes the main course, which is the potato tarte with capsicum and goat cheese. I was expecting this pastry with diced potato inside or the Australian styled mash potato pie. To my surprise the outer layer of the potato tarte was made with finely sliced potato, with diced capsicum and goat cheese inside, and served with beans and peas garnished with a tasty vinegarette. The thinly sliced potatoes allow the dish to have a slight crunch on the outside while the flavoursome goat cheese and the sweet taste of capsicum mixed very well together.


Last but not least, my favourite course of all, the dessert. All the desserts on the menu (not a lot but enough to make it a difficult decision for me) looked really great, so after careful consideration (desserts are serious matters!) I chose the tonka bean creme brulee. Tonka bean gives off a cocoa/coffee scent that I adore, and the crunchy (I have probably used this word way too much) burnt top with the mushy centre certainly ticks all the boxes, though I do find the “creme” part a little too runny. The dessert also comes with plum pieces on the side. We could all do with a bit of after dinner fruits, right?


So my Lonely Planet guide was right. Meat lovers definitely have nothing to complain about. I don’t think I have ever been happier eating my greens.

Restaurant: Cookies Cream
Address: Behrenstrasse 55, 10117 Berlin, Germany (Mitte) 

Price: €36 for three courses (which I thought was actually very reasonably priced, especially if you are a Sydneysider like myself being used to paying way too much for everything, but this is considered expensive as you can a lot of quality food for cheap in Berlin.)

- iris*angela

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